Focusing on Data, Productivity & Independence

Data+ is a clinical research data management solution that addresses the main pain points of the research industry, by shortening and simplifying data-entry and providing superior data insight. Our solution provides a personalized, user-friendly interface and a strong set of algorithms, customized dashboards, filtering, reporting, analysis and other modules, which are configured independently by the user, using visual what-you-see-is-what-you-get editors that require no technical knowledge.

Design your study, Control the details like never before.

Data+ lets you design forms in any format and any language,
including full real-time validation & display logic to prevent errors and streamline data entry.

Using Drag & Drop and WYSIWYG technology, Data+ empowers you to build forms (eCRF) that match your specific research and workflow with complete flexibility.

Wide Variety of Questionnaires
Data+ provides you with a set of user-friendly tools for building customized, flexible, varied questionnaires to cover all your needs. You can choose from wide variety of question types, ranging from checkboxes, various lists, open questions, tables, and numbered questions to date-specific questions. You can create a question with a custom calculated field (ex: age in hospitalization), or grouped questions based on a common rating scale.

Validation to Ensure Accuracy
Data+ validation helps you avoid erroneous or irrelevant information in your research. You can set various requirements to ensure your data’s accuracy, such as required fields, number, and type of characters or date ranges.

Multi-Language Support
You can translate the dynamic fields in the forms to any language so that users in different countries can comfortably view the research in their own language, and patients can easily fill out questions in their native language.

Conditional Mechanisms
Data+ smart mechanisms enhance your research with conditional questions, blocks and tables. You can set any of these elements to appear only when a relevant answer is selected in a previous question (Ex: Upon a positive answer to “Do you smoke?”, the following question appears: “How many years have you been smoking?”).

Import Data from Anywhere, Manually or Automatically

Data+ smoothly integrates with the organization’s data, using its free API and Importing Module, providing a world of value to your data warehouse.

Smooth Integration with Organizational Data
Data+ easily integrates with your organizational systems, giving your research access to a vast body of valuable structured data. The integration of organizational data into the research is performed easily and swiftly.

Data+ API is included in the system and enables any developer to integrate information with the research system and pull out information as needed.

Focus on scaling up your data and optimize data entry

Supports all devices

Keyboard-only data entry

Pre-defined Templates

Real-time validation

Real-time logic display


  • Inline editing
  • Buttons to show / hide columns
  • Filter & Export

Dashboards to display and edit Bulk Data

Manage your team, Use your data

Smart Filter Tool
Data+ advanced filter mechanism lets you instantaneously focus on the relevant data for your research. You can create a data subset of relevant patients and perform any action on it. You can filter data relating to any entity in the system, according to any parameter, adding an unlimited number of conditions at your convenience. The filters can be applied to any data, including reports, patient documents, statistics and more.

Customized Reports at a Click
Customized reports can easily be created, exported to Excel and SPSS, and automatically sent to email – all at a few clicks. You can set requirements and filters, and select the exact fields you want for the report, to include only relevant information.
Our smart tool includes multiple report types and structures to cover all options. The tool saves you valuable time otherwise spent on repairing exported data files.

Patient Engagement
Data+ provides you with user-friendly tools to enhance patient’s engagement with your research. You can create newsletters customized to your needs, updating patients about their standing in the research, or about the research progress. You can incorporate any research data, filtered according to your preferences, in the message, as well as cross-research statistics, using various displays such as pie charts.

Inventory Management
Data+ offers convenient management of your supplies and samples. This allows you to closely monitor when a supply was checked in or out of storage, by whom and in what quantity. You can also enter background information on every item, including its specific location and storage facility.

Auditing for Transparency
Data+ gives you the ability to audit all research activity at a click, for full transparency and regulatory compliance. You can view a timeline of user activity, covering all actions, logins and changes. This enables you to ensure your team is functioning properly and drill down on any issue that arises.