Laboratory operations and inventory management tailored to your LIMS needs

Modernization at your fingertips

Modernize your laboratory operations with workflow and data tracking, resource planning, and user-friendly interfaces that meet regulatory requirements.  Enjoy the flexibility of a system that meets the needs of an evolving, dynamic environment, and which supports the different laboratory stakeholders.

Data+ delivers a modern solution for laboratory management, keeping in mind the varied elements of importance: simple, personalized user experience enabled through Drag & Drop and WYSIWYG technology; data validation and integrity mechanisms that assure accuracy and consistency across multi-sites, advanced inventory location tracking and resource availability tools, and other functions that meet the evolving requirements of laboratories.

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Simplicity & Engagement

  • Simplify laboratory management through better tracking and resource planning
  • Real-time location tracking of samples
  • Manage sample lifecycle
  • Maintain data security and comply with regulatory requirements
  • Flexible solution that meets the needs of an evolving, dynamic environment
  • Personalize your interface using Drag & Drop and WYSIWYG technology
  • Protect the integrity and consistency of your data
  • Multi-site research management
  • Avoid shortages using automated refilling alerts
  • Interface clinical care systems
  • Sophisticated ad-hoc queries

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