Electronic Data Capturing

Effectively record data, continuously collect information, and easily produce insights.

From Study Design To Insights

Data+ Research EDC enables you to streamline your data collection process using graphical user interface, data validation and reporting tools for clinical research across Life Sciences.  Assure data accuracy and decrease the time it takes to collect data.

Using Drag & Drop and WYSIWYG technology, Data+ empowers you to build forms (eCRF) that match your specific research and workflow with complete flexibility and includes tools that ensure workflow logic.  Add to this powerful, real time data integrity and data consistency tools across research groups.

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Key Benefits

Significantly reduce data-entry time using personalized workflow and data entry tools

  • Seconds to create new fields with validation and logic rules
  • Advanced graphical user interface with drag & drop and WYSIWYG technology
  • Assure data accuracy with robust, real-time data validation and integrity tools
  • Maintain organizational data consistency by using standard coding lists
  • Personalized reporting tools with embedded dynamic fields and visualized statistics

Customer Testimonial

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