Integrating Data
To Your Research

Automate data integration from public sources

Save time, connect with the world

Find yourself entering data twice – once to your research sponsor, and again to your own database?  We’ve got you covered – our unique technology automatically pulls data you provide to your sponsor through their software platform into our database without having to enter it all over again.

Would you like to enrich your data?  Patient data is often influenced by, or correlates with external factors such as environmental pollution, birth or mortality rates. You can therefore enrich your understanding and gain additional insight by incorporating such information into your research.  Anyone can access public information about air pollution, mortality or birth rates, but the process of pulling what’s relevant to you and incorporating it into your research could be cumbersome and time consuming.

Data+ interfaces public source of data and seamlessly populates your databased with relevant information, broken down by geography and time frames.

In line with our focus on the researcher, and simplifying his or her work and focusing on process optimization, we’ve developed a tool to streamline a process that already takes place, but in a very cumbersome and time consuming manner.  A researcher could spend hours pulling relevant external information and populating its relevant components into the database.  We’ve already done the hard work – interfacing the data sources, and built a mechanism for you to pull that data at the push of a button.

Key Benefits

  • Data is automatically pulled from your sponsor’s platform into Data+.
  • Seamlessly integrate data from online public sources (ex. air pollution, birth or mortality rates)
  • Segment the data and populate your database at the push of a button
  • Identify causation or correlation between patient data and environmental or demographic data
  • Save time and gain additional insight

Customer Testimonial

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