Biobank Management

Manage information on specimens, and easily track samples within your inventory

Keep track of your samples

Improve medical research through efficiencies in biological sample management.  Build on Data+ unique data capturing and inventory management solutions to accumulate and enrich data across multiple researches.

Data+ combines modern data capturing solutions, data enrichment mechanisms and sophisticated inventory management software to bring greater efficiencies to research and ultimately to better patient care.  Sample location and automated refilling alerts greatly speed up inventory management, complementing the wealth of validated and enriched data on patients.

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Key Benefits

  • Save time and become efficient by being in-the-know about your inventory
  • Manage sample lifecycle
  • Real-time location tracking of samples
  • Avoid sample shortages using automated refilling alerts
  • Simple, user-friendly screens creation using drag & drop and WYSIWYG technology
  • Mange your biorepository and maintain quality biospecimens
  • Maintain data security and comply with regulatory requirements
  • Consolidate specimen management into one, user-friendly system
  • Interface clinical care systems
  • Visibility into sample activity history
  • Dynamic specimen reporting tools
  • Sophisticated ad-hoc queries

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