Single Database.
Endless Opportunities.

With its generic, single-database architecture and
high level of customization, Data+ caters to the user’s
convenience & control even in its back-end.


Generic Architecture

Data+ features a generic architecture that enables managing a variety of researches, without limitation to a specific field of research.

High Level of User-Customization

Data+ enables a wide level of customization. Users can adapt the display or move around blocks and buttons, so that each research looks different. Users can also change the system’s behavior, creating conditional mechanisms or other adaptations for different researches.

Flexible Infrastructure

Data+ is highly flexible, enabling the information to be saved in the organization’s server (on premise), or in Amazon’s secured Cloud server.

Export for BI Purposes

The data can be exported to the BI department in a variety of formats for their convenience.

Single Database

All the data is saved in a single database and in the same structure, which substantially eases managing the information. In other systems, the data is sometimes saved in hundreds of tables which makes information management extremely cumbersome.

Multi-Device Support

Data+ is compatible with PCs, tablets or mobile for the user’s convenience.

Extensive Back-End Customization

Each screen can be customized per research, with a totally different look and behavior – all on the same platform.

Frequent Upgrades

The system is developed in short version cycles, enabling it to be frequently upgraded with professional feedback from the field.