Moving from Manual Processes to New Research Methodologies

Moving from Manual Processes to New Research Methodologies


The Era of Data is Here

Medical innovations and technological breakthroughs are attributed, to a large degree, to the accumulation and use of data.  As the amount of data and its complexity increase, Spreadsheets begins to exhibit shortcomings.  These gaps are filled by Cloud Data Management Systems (CDMA), which bring with them a set of tools that accommodate large data quantities, comply with regulatory constraints and provide useful insight.

Spreadsheets are a great tool for collecting data on patients within the context of clinical research, as well as being familiar and free.  But do Spreadsheets truly address the needs of the modern researcher?


When Spreadsheets No Longer Deliver for Research Teams

While Spreadsheets are a great tool for many purposes, they have some significant shortcomings in the  clinical research space – particularly when the amount of data collected increases beyond a few hundred records.




Two Dimensional

it’s hard view data in depth


Allowing a deep dive into any field


keeping a spreadsheet up to date is quite a task…

Team Friendly

designed for groups from multiple sites

No integration

API Integration

Integrating with external sources (e.g. EHR) enables quick data collection

Manual Form Building

Cumbersome paper collection

e-Form Building

Rapid form setup, enabling quick

collection of data

Human Nature

Typing errors and inconsistencies are non-predictable and un-preventable

Data Integrity Mechanism

Built-in data validation tools that prevent illegal data entry and inconsistency

No Security Measures

Password protection is the only security measure available on spreadsheets

Enforced Data Protection

Nowadays, systems typically comply with HIPPA, ISO and more, to ensure high level of security measures around your data

Prerequisite Knowledge for Deep Analytics

Most spreadsheets have sophisticated but require deep understanding of the product’s formulas

Intuitive Design for Full Independence

Queries, filters and reports are done in few clicks, needing no technological knowledge

The shortcomings of spreadsheets cost time and lacks effectiveness. CDMAs, by contrast, are robust solutions that provide researchers with advanced data-entry and data management and insight tools.  It is really like comparing a go-kart with no engine to an S-Class Mercedes Benz!

The Right Way to Research

Research teams are aiming to generate high-quality and reliable data from conducting clinical trials. And as the amounts of data we wish to use for clinical research grows every year it becomes even more a challenge.

In addition, the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) has stated that the future of biomedical research will involve collaborations by many scientists in diverse locations linked through high-speed computer networks that enable submission, analysis, and sharing of data (Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 2009)

So how can you overcome those challenges and make your research the most clean, accurate, insightful and collaborative? Moving from manual processes to electronic methods of managing data would be the first step in achieving these goals.