Optimize Your Research Process,
Create Value for Your Organization

Transforming clinical research through
greater collaboration, personalization and insight

Time to Move On to a Modern Research Solution

Data+ is a medical research data management solution that addresses the main pain points of the research industry, by shortening and simplifying data-entry and providing superior data insight. Our solution provides a personalized, user-friendly interface and a strong set of algorithms, customized dashboards, filtering, reporting, analysis and other modules, which are built independently by the researcher, using visual editors that require no technical knowledge.

Data+ not only manages your data but also enriches your database with impactful information, integrated from public information sites (ex. on air pollution, birth and mortality rates) and wraps-up your needs with easy access to qualified third party service providers such as statisticians, data-miners and so forth. Data+ is deployed on premise or in the cloud.

Suite Your Needs

  • ISO & HIPAA Compliance
  • Deploy On-Premise / Cloud

Design Your Study

  • WYSIWYG Form Builder
  • Multi-Site Management
  • Customized Data-Dashboards

Speed-up Data Capture

  • Use PC, Mac or Tablet
  • Validation & Display logic
  • Remote Surveys

Management Features

  • Manage Workflows & Processes
  • Sophisticated Filtering options
  • Statistics Export (SPSS, SAS, R)
  • Patient Engagement


Collaborative. Personalized. Insightful.


Streamline your data collection process using WYSIWYG technology, advanced filtering, powerful data validation and reporting tools.


Modernize your laboratory operations with workflow and data tracking, resource planning, and user-friendly interfaces that meet regulatory requirements.

Bio Bank

Manage biological samples using our unique data capturing and inventory management solutions.

Cloud Sources

Seamlessly integrate public sources of information, such as on air pollution or mortality rates, to enrich your database and gain additional insight.

This is what we do better


Data+ simplifies form-building with Visual Drag & Drop and WYSIWYG technology where adding, validating and repositioning fields takes seconds.  It supports cross-research data consistency through use of standard coding lists, and speeds up data entry with keyboard-only, real time validation, simple scoring and mechanisms that prevent the sharing of identifying information.


Avoid data entry duplication by automatically pulling data from sponsor forms to Data+, gain seamless access to public information that impacts, correlates with or enhances your research, populated in your database with the push of a button (ex. air pollution, birth and mortality rates, etc.).


An embedded marketplace saves time and effort required to identify and qualify third party service providers, such as statisticians or data scientist.  Increase patient compliance and participation by engaging through personalized forms with embedded dynamic scores and visualized statistical data.

Our Customers Say…

With Data+, I can view research data in smart ways, and easily pull out any data I need without wasting precious time.

Guy WissotskyUSP Engineer, OPKO Biologics

The system is very intuitive and offers all the functionalities you need. When I explained it to people, it didn’t take more than once

The system minimizes errors and prevents inconsistency. With hard copies, sometimes people would skip certain fields, whether intentionally or not. With Data+, that doesn’t happen. Also, you can always go back and correct any mistakes you made

Data+'s built-in feature to create our own templates independently, at any given time, was a big advantage

One of Data+ biggest advantages is flexibility and simplicity. It doesn’t have hard-set limitations. I can perform any action without too much effort